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strategy speaker Dana Baldwin
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I was so impressed by [Mr. Baldwin’s] presentation that we contracted for him to guide us through a complete strategic planning process... The results far exceeded our expectations.
Gerald Lacey, General Manager - Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.


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“Very high quality - good information - good presenter - good participation.”
Susan Miller, Manager, Control Data Systems

“Great presenter.”
James Thibert, VP Operations & Finance, Red River Manufacturing, Inc.

“Dana is an excellent leader. The real-life examples complemented the theory. He created an excellent atmosphere for learning that helped draw us out of our shells and created a fun learning environment...”
Steve Dolbey. V.P. Engineering, Analex Corp.

“Very good at explaining the details of Strategic Planning. I am very happy that my company came...”
Rick Mitchell, Controller, Charleston Metal Products, Inc.

Dana Baldwin - Professional Speaker

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A very effective speaker, Dana brings a unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge as well as humorous insight to his programs. Many clients engage Dana Baldwin to learn from his ever-growing experience in strategy that works. Dana leaves each audience with practical, "how-to" steps that they can apply to facilitate their learning. Dana’s programs resonate with business audiences because they are built upon years of real-world experiences.

Dana Baldwin has managed two different machine tool companies over a 30+ year career, starting up through the ranks from a beginning engineer to become Chairman, President and CEO of one company. He then joined a startup company that had purchased a product line from his original company. He was instrumental in establishing the new firm as a leader in the market place, and he led the company through the process of establishing a brand new manufacturing facility, starting with a green field, and building a completely functioning manufacturing facility, with design, production control, MIS, accounting, sales and administration capabilities. He has been active in his industry trade association, including leadership roles on the Board of Directors culminating in becoming President. In addition, he served as a director of the fifth largest industrial trade show in the US, including six years on the executive committee and two years as Chairman of the Board. The skills and knowledge gained over this extensive experience are now focused on his practice as a consultant with the Center For Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc.

Dana actively leads strategic planning in dozens of companies in a wide variety of industries with consistently good results. Clients include regional telephone companies, a chemical recycler, a logistics company, a multi-national institutional furniture company, a multi-division plastics company, a multi-national industrial pump company, a community college and a wide variety of other clients. His real-world management experience, together with his engineering background and Kellogg MM, enable Dana to bring real-life practical strategic thinking into every presentation.

“Mr. Baldwin is a very likeable fellow, who comes across in an easy to follow manner.”
Greg Tweed, Executive VP & COO, Nortech Systems, Inc.

Center for Simplified Strategic Planning Programs Include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • ‘Free, Perfect and Now!’ (What customers want, and what you can’t afford to give them, or to ignore)
  • Strategies for a Changing Economy
  • Revolving (Situational) Leadership and why this could be good for your business

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“Shoot Yourself in the Foot” – Why do this exercise?
Another Look at What Makes Good Customer Service
Are You Promoting Your People Wisely?
Assumptions and Uncertainty
Communication: A Key Element of Building Trust
Competing with a Low Cost Competitor
Could You Lose Your Way in the Marketplace?
Creating an Environment for Innovation – Part Four: Sources of Ideas
Creating an Environment for Innovation – Part one: Creative Atmosphere
Creating an Environment for Innovation – Part Three: Challenge
Creating an Environment for Innovation – Part Two: Internal Communication
Creating an Environment for Innovation: Innovation Process
Customer Loyalty — Is it Your Company’s Priority?
Customer Loyalty – What Is It, Really?
Customer Service – Thinking Outside the Box
Dana Baldwin reviews Kumar’s book Marketing as Strategy
Dealing with a Low Cost Competitor
Do You Listen to Your Marketplace?
Don’t Let Success Spoil Your Future! Steps Your Company Needs to Take to Avoid Obsolescence
Employee Engagement: Key to Your Company’s Profitability – A Case Study
Execution – Why Good Plans Can Fail
Execution makes all the difference in strategic planning
Final Steps: Follow-through and Monitoring
Finding Strategic Issues that Lead to an Actionable Strategy
Flight of the Buffalo: Soaring to Excellence, Learning to Let Employees Lead
Follow-through — The Key to Strategic Planning Success
Here We Go Again – The End of Strategic Planning is Forecast – Again
Hire Well to Sustain a Positive Work Environment
How Agile is Your Company?
How Do You Handle Under-performers?
How Engaged are You as a Leader?
How Has The “Great Recession” Impacted Your Company?
How To Do Better Strategic Planning
How to Make Successful Strategic Plans – Good Objectives Plus Monitoring
How To Provide High Value In Competitive Industries
Improve Morale – Increase Motivation Part 4: Why managers don’t delegate
Improve Morale — Increase Motivation! Part Five
Improve Morale — Increase Motivation! Part One
Improve Morale — Increase Motivation! Part Six
Improve Morale — Increase Motivation! Part Three – Effective Delegation
Improve Morale — Increase Motivation! Part Two
Improve Morale Part 7 – Strategic Thinking Points
Internal Communications for Effective Strategic Implementation
Is an Executive Coach Worth the Time and Cost?
Is Success Your Worst Enemy?
Is There a Reason Why Your Team’s Good Ideas for New Products or Services Don’t Get Implemented?
Is Your Company a Good Supplier?
Is Your Marketing Working for You?

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Dana's Contact Information:

Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, inc.

To arrange a discussion with Dana about a possible speaking engagement, please send him this email.

M. Dana Baldwin, II
Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc.
5075 Spring Ridge Drive
Ada, MI 49301
Phone: 616-575-3193
Fax: 616-575-3194

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M. Dana Baldwin

Some Clients

National Association of Telephone Cooperatives

Michigan State University

Association for Manufacturing Technology

Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers

ASW Inc.

ENMR-Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.

“...Very valuable... Not a typical feel-good meeting.”
Jack Dennis, Industrial Service Manager, TD Industries, Inc.

“(Dana) is an intense, yet humorous, speaker, easily involving everyone in the subject matter, explaining concepts well, using compelling examples and bringing everyone to effective conclusions in an efficient, capable manner.”
Gregory V. Berberich, CEO, Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc.