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Denise is fantastic...a powerful message...It is a superb recipe for business success. I found this more useful than any seminar I have attended including those by Michael Hammer.
Mark Miskie, John Deere & Company


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“Denise is dynamic, captivating and powerful. She tailored the workshop toward our audience using real business examples from this industry. We recommend her services to any group looking for hands-on tranining in Strategic Planning.”
Cathy Foley, Vice President, Paper Group American Forest & Paper Association

“Speaker had a broad knowledge of many businesses/industries � made content/ examples pertinent to all of us.”
John Mentz, AVP Baker Environmental, Inc.

“Denise did an excellent job of not only presenting the information, but also using relevant ‘real-life’ examples. Outstanding work!”
Steven Hodges, General Manager, Mary Kay Travel, Inc.

“The seminar was fabulous! Everyone felt it was extremely informational and your delivery was both entertaining and fun.”
Sandy Fineman, Wilcox & Gibbs, Inc.

“Denise was great. Articulates clearly and has great energy and excitement.”
Pete Ryan, Seagate Technology, LLC

Denise Harrison - Professional Speaker

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To arrange a discussion with Denise about a possible speaking engagement, please click here to send her an email.

Denise A. Harrison
Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc.
117 Ann Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: 910-763-5194
Fax: 910-763-6087

"Hands on management experience combined with streamlined process add up to a common sense approach to business planning. Her fast-paced, insightful presentations use humorous examples to illustrate success and failure. Laugh at examples of plans gone awry, but leave with ideas for enhancing your company's performance."

Denise has been a successful business catalyst for over 20 years. She understands tough situations and envisions solutions in a variety of environments. As President of a financial services firm, Denise significantly enhanced profitability and improved cycle time by 60%. The key to this success is strategic alignment throughout the organization. Denise speaks not only on the importance of this strategic thinking, but also provides hands on practical ideas for promoting alignment.

As President of a division of a Fortune 500 information services company, Denise successfully developed the corporation's international expansion plan and installed disciplined systems for tracking and responding to competitive market conditions and changes. Other responsibilities included: VP Operations, VP Marketing, Sr. VP and General Manager of two operating divisions.

Denise's background includes "old" and "new" economy experience combined with diverse functional experience, which enable her to communicate with executives peer to peer using thought provoking real life examples. Her presentations energize executives to think strategically, execute efficiently, and capitalize on the intellectual capital resident in their organization. In addition to speaking, Denise consults to a variety of organizations. This hands-on experience gives her fresh insight into current business issues Executives take away practical ideas for enhancing their organization's performance.

Her clients include manufacturing companies ranging from specialty chemicals to computer storage devices, and service companies ranging from banks to software developers.

Denise graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in Economics and has a MS in Business Policy from Columbia University.

“Denise Harrison is highly qualified and a FINE presenter!”
Robert Seligman, Chief Operating Officer, Laughlin & Associates

Center for Simplified Strategic Planning Programs Include:

  • Leadership Strategies for Turbulent Times
    Leadership Strategies for Turbulent Times
  • Innovation - Where to Look for It
  • Strategic Planning: Getting Real Results
  • Strategic Alignment: Energizing Your Company to Execute
  • Strategic Planning: Sometimes a Road Less Traveled is Best
  • Turning Plans into Action
  • Business Strategy for Turbulent Times
  • Strategic Focus: The Key to Success

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“What if” Oil and Water Do Not Mix – Lessons from BP
Are you frustrated by the lack of results in your strategic planning efforts?
Are You Listening to Your Customers? How Small Changes Produce Market Share Gains
Are You Preventing Your Company from Growing? How You and Your Leadership Team Could Be Causing Bottlenecks
Are You Really On Track? Mistakes Made in Execution
Are Your Goals Causing Bad Behavior?
Beat the Competition with Process Technology
Challenging Old Paradigms and Achieving Success
Close the Gap between Planning and Execution – Monitoring Checklist Keeps Execution on Track
Coming In Out of the Rain
Customer relationships: What does this concept have to do with strategy?
CVS Envisions a Different Future
Dare to be Different – How Choosing a Road Less Traveled Allowed Cummins Engine to Outstrip Their Competition
Differentiate Your Company – Don’t Poke the 800 lb. Gorilla in the Eye!
Differentiating a Price Sensitive Product to a Value-Added Product
Do You Have Strategic Planning Problems?
Do You Really Know Your Strategic Competency? Reassessing Your Strategic Competency May Lead to Significant Growth
Everyone Knows Execution is Important – So Why Do We Fail to Execute?
Execution: Can You See the Path?
Fitbit Focuses on Corporate Clients to Generate Growth
From Near-Bankruptcy to Market Leadership: LEGO’s Success is All about Childs’ Play
Game Playing Will Be Important to Sony’s Future Success
GE Spins off Major Appliance Division – What Can a Small Company Learn from this Divestiture?
Help! My Market Doesn’t Need My Product Any More! How to Strategically Position Your Company for Success in the Face of Changing Market Preferences
Honest Tea Teaches Coke A Lesson
How Can Smaller Companies Compete and Win?
How Does Strategic Planning Deal with Seismic Changes in an Industry?
How to Succeed When Market Trends Change
Innovation/Opportunities: Short-term vs. Long-term – How do You Decide?
Innovation/Opportunities: Short-term vs. Long-term – How do You Decide?
Know When to Hold ’em and When to Fold ’em – Knowing when to get out of a core business is key to being successful in the future.
Lessons Learned from Boeing’s Stumble:Risk assessment is Key to a Successful Strategy
Lessons Learned: Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Teach Important Lessons
Lessons Learned: Flint, Michigan
Lessons Learned: How Good Strategy Can Be Hurt by Poor Execution-Caterpillar Identifies an Attractive Market; but Outcome Hurts Bottom-Line
Lessons Learned: Sony Falls from Market Dominance – Loss of Focus Causes Poor Decision Making
Lessons Learned: What Can We Learn From Yum Brands’ Success?
Made the “Nifty Fifty” New Product List and Fought to Make a Dime – Lessons Learned in Protecting Intellectual Property and Partnerships
Manufacturing Companies Gain Flexibility through 3-D Printing
March to a Different Drummer – Part 3
March to a Different Drummer – Part Four
March to a Different Drummer – Part One
March to a Different Drummer – Part Two
Mistakes Happened – But Did You Learn From Them?
New Year’s Resolutions:  What resolutions have you chosen?
Over 70% of Executives Surveyed Agree: Strategic Planning Efforts Lack a Systematic Approach
Playing to Win
Re-invigorating Strategic Initiatives – How to keep moving forward
Silo Mentality Causes Conflict in an Organization – Can Strategic Planning Help?
Social Media and Strategic Planning
Sometimes a Road Less Traveled is Best
Sony: Results are in – Sony’s Strategy Results in Record Profit
Strategic Alignment: Why Isn’t Everyone on the Same Page?
Strategic Planning: A Time for Reflection
Strategic Planning: Are Your Decisions Based on Facts or Opinions?
Strategic Planning: What Did You Learn? How One Company Went Off Course
Strategic Planning: When Can Goals Be Bad?
Strategic Planning: When Good Goals Go Bad
Strategy Bits
Strategy Bits – Part 2. Innovation: Where to look for it
Strategy Bits-Part 4: Your market is shrinking; Can you find a new market for your product/service?
Strategy Bits–Part 3: Market Feedback-Key to Identifying Growth Opportunities
Strategy Planning Is Messy
Strategy: Turning Trash into Treasure
Success Sows the Seeds of Failure – Toyota’s Complacency Causes Reputation to Crash
Successful Strategic Planning – The Best Way to Get Started
Technology and Labor Trends – Can this Combination Generate Opportunities for Your Business?
Ten Reasons for Strategic Planning How to Make a CEO’s Life Easier
The Importance of Scenarios when Dealing with Uncertainty
Three Action Plan Mistakes Strategic Planning Teams Make and How to Avoid Them
Three Keys to Recovery Success:Re-focus Your Efforts to Outperform Your Competition
Turn Your Threats into Opportunities
Understand What Differentiates your Company in the Market
WD-40 Finds Growth for 50 Year-old Product
What Changes Impact Your Bottom Line? Hint: There Is More To Pricing Than Meets the Eye
What Happens When the Host Country Environment Changes? A Tale of Currency Devaluation You Have Successfully Outsourced – Part One
What Happens When the Host Country Environment Changes? A Tale of Currency Devaluation You Have Successfully Outsourced – Part Two
What is your Twenty-Mile March?
What Went Wrong with Apple Maps? What Can We Learn from these Mistakes?
When is Gaining Market Share a Bad Idea? 
When Is It Strategic to Say No to New Business? When can higher volume lead to lower long-term profitability?
Winning Companies Focus on Winning Customers
Xerox Positions Itself to Succeed in the 21st Century – What You Need to Do to Ensure Your Company Does Not Become Obsolete
You are #1 in your Core Markets – Now, How Do You Grow?

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Denise's Contact Information:

Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, inc.

To arrange a discussion with Denise about a possible speaking engagement, please click here to send her an email.

Denise A. Harrison
Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc.
117 Ann Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: 910-763-5194
Fax: 910-763-6087

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